About Us

Freedom Sentinel Consulting was founded in Charleston South Carolina by Ryan Walters an Army Reserve Adjutant General Officer. Ryan has 12 years of military service across the Army Reserves, Army National Guard, and Active Army. His service began in 2011 when he enlisted as an Infantry Soldier, during his enlisted time he learned the skills to commission as an Adjutant General officer in 2014. Ryan later deployed to Az Zarqa, Jordan as the Battalion Adjutant in 2016 for the PA National Guard. Upon returning from a tour of duty Ryan began working as a government contractor where his experience was greatly appreciated. Ryan and his team now assists transitioning service members and ROTC graduates obtain careers with companies who greatly appreciate the skills obtained while serving the united states military.

Our Mission

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At Freedom Sentinel Consulting we transform relationships between service members and employers though precise methodologies and information.

Freedom Sentinel Consulting is a group of visionaries who believe the citizens of the United States deserve proper solutions from equitable firms.

Technology is an essential part of our society and is becoming more integrated into our personal and professional day to day lives. At Freedom Sentinel Consulting we add essential layers of protection to increase the security for the citizens of the united states and government agencies through processes and applications.

Our History

Freedom Sentinel Consulting was founded in 2021 in the historic city of Charleston South Carolina. The city of Charleston is known as the cornerstone of freedom in American history spanning hundreds of years predating the Revolutionary War. At Freedom Sentinel Consulting we continue to develop the future and redefine universal government solutions through equity and precise software solutions.  

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It is our top priority to provide accurate & complete guidance but we make no guarantees about the information, availability of or eligibility for financial employment opportunities or salary outcomes. This website is not affiliated with the U.S. government, websites on this page or military. The information on this page is not a reflection of Freedom Sentinel Consulting. Visit our about us page for more information.

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